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06 May 2020
20:00 - 22:00 (GMT+8)

WiDS Shanghai is an independent event organized by Global Solutions Foundation to coincide with the annual Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference held at Stanford University and an estimated 150+ locations worldwide. All genders are invited to attend WiDS regional events, which feature outstanding women doing outstanding work. 

2500+ Audiences
9 Speakers
9 Industries

About WiDS

What is WiDS

The Women in Data Science (WiDS) initiative aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and to support women in the field. ​WiDS started as a conference at Stanford in November 2015.


Now, WiDS includes a global conference, with approximately 150+ regional events worldwide; a datathon, encouraging participants to hone their skills using a social impact challenge; and a podcast, featuring leaders in the field talking about their work, their journeys, and lessons learned.



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The Global WiDS Opening 


(EN)  How SOTA NLP and deep learning enable innovation in digital payment, conversational banking and personal banking.


Pingping Chen 陈萍萍  (HSBC, Lead Data Scientist)

Career development in Data Science and value making

波士顿咨询BCG GAMMA带你深入探索数据科学的职业发展与其创造价值的无限可能

Miao He 何苗(BCG GAMMA, Lead Data Scientist)


How Google Cloud Realizes AI Democratization 


Shirley Wang  (Google, Data Analytics Specialist)

(EN) Data innovation in sustainability at UNDP,  case studies on Philippine 

从数据的角度看菲律宾的新型肺炎? 数据与可持续发展

         Shumin Liu 刘舒敏 


         Artificial Intelligence adoption in the real world, and the challenges


         Yingning Huang 黄缨宁  (4Paradigm 第四范式 , 产品总监)

WeWork’s business model is complicated - from real estate, design & development, sales, marketing all the way to community engagement


          Qi Wu 吴琦 (WeWork, Data Analyst Lead)

What does your morning coffee at Starbucks tell us?”/ “How your shopping behaviour impacts the financial world?


Charlie Sheng 盛以宣 (CMO, Co-founder, Measurable AI)

Career development at SAP


Eva Wang 王慧 (SAP, Product Expert /产品专家)



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